At Garden City Surgery we will always respect the LGBTQ+ community. When you feel confident enough, please inform us if you have changed your pronouns and/or name for us to be able to add a note to your profile and use your new pronouns and/or name. 

Clinic U – Sexual Health Services for LGBTQ+ People


Unfortunately , the LGBTQ+ community can experience hate crime, sexual violence or domestic abuse. Galop provides helplines and other support for LGBTQ+ adults and young people who have gone through this:

Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (FFLAG)

Offers support to parents, friends and family members of those who identify as LGBT+.


Information and advice for LGBT people on a range of issues.

Mental Health

Feeling that your mental health might be suffering?

Here is a list of links about LGBTQ+ and Mental Health:


Mental Health Foundation